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Find X that is similar to Y

August 13, 2011 Comments off

Given something (e.g. situation, event, person, place, thing, etc.), how do you find similar “somthings” when searching a large Natural Language corpus (e.g. the Internet)? Here is one way to do it using PriArt.

Problem: “Find [all] X that is similar to Y” in a large Natural Language corpus.

Solution using PriArt:
1.    Find or create a Natural Language description of “Y” in terms of the characteristics of “Y” that represent the “similarity” of interest.
2.    Create a new PriArt Investigation based on the description of “Y” with all occurrences of “Y” replaced with “#?#” (the “unknown thing” marker). Note: Be sure to substitute pronoun references to “Y” as well (e.g. “it”, “they”, “those”, etc.).
3.    Helpful Hint: When using a search engine pre-filter, you can add statements to your investigation to better target the documents selected to read (e.g. “”#?# is a car.”) .
4.    Run the Investigation over the target corpus (recommend “Prior Art” report)
5.    Helpful Hint: See the postings to learn how to obtain better results