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Fast, Accurate and Easy to Use

July 17, 2011 Comments off

Ultimately, we (at Semantic Insights) are engineers and not researchers. Our goal is to build something useful, and something that will sustain itself (and us) financially. We recognize that whatever we develop needs to perform fast enough, produce accurate enough results, and be easy enough to use to warrant end user investment.

We knew that the system we envisioned needed to understand whole sentences in context. Existing technologies fail to meet one or more of our requirements. “Statistical proximity matching” is clearly not accurate enough. “Keyword search” misses anaphora and “key-phrase search” misses intervening terms and other equivalent sentence structures. Traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP) appears too slow. Statistically-based Parts of Speech Taggers are wholly inadequate. Building “Ontologies” has all the problems of standards, in addition to requiring time, expertise, and significant up-front investment. “Text mining” results are too limited to warrant the implementation costs.

In short, we found current technology significantly lacking for our purpose. So, we began with first principles and built our approach from the bottom up.

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