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World View, Meaning and Understanding

July 17, 2011 Comments off

Let us begin with some basic definitions.

An individual or collective World View is an operating model composed of concepts, instances, and relationships, along with how they are known to (may possibly) inter-relate. These inter-relations may be constrained in time, space, identity, quantity, negation, and possession.

When we read we experience the Natural Language text. The relationship between what we experience and our “World View” is the meaning we ascribe to what we read. Meaning is often a complex relationship between what we experience and our World View.
Understanding is gained as a result of determining the meaning of our experiences in terms of our World View.

From these definitions we can create a form of Machine Understanding by:

  1. creating and populating a persistent model of one or more World Views,
  2. establishing a model to represent the relationships between what is experienced (read) and the World View,
  3. providing the ability to render Natural Language sources to a common form for processing,
  4. providing the ability to map rendered Natural Language to a World View and store that mapping as meaning
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We refer to the implementation of our patented and patent-pending core reading, understanding, and writing technologies together as the SIRA Technology (or just “SIRA”).

SIRA stands for “Semantic Insights Research Assistant”.

I pronounce it “sigh”-“rah”.  Others on the team say “sear”-“rah”.

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