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Our Mission

July 17, 2011 Comments off

Our Mission:

  1. The SIRA technology was developed to automate research tasks requiring natural language, domain-knowledge, understanding and reasoning.
  2. SIRA-based products must be easy-to-use requiring little or no training beyond what the user already understands.

Mission Status:

  1. We have developed a patented and patent-pending core technology capable of supporting a wide range of applications.
  2. We have developed PriArt, an embodiment of the SIRA technology that automates the understanding and reading of natural language text (initially English), gathers specific information of interest and produces a variety of useful reports.
  3. Other SIRA embodiments have been conceived and prototyped.

Today SIRA can:

  1. Semantically understand a statement of your interest expressed in Natural Language
  2. Read through a vast number of documents
  3. Identify semantic relevant information of interest in Natural Language text
  4. Report the findings in useful ways including Natural Language text



About Semantic Insights

December 30, 2010 Comments off

Semantic Insights is the R&D division of Trigent Software, Inc.

We focus on developing semantics-based information products and plug-ins for third party products that produce high-value results serving the needs of general users requiring little or no training.

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