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When Domain Knowledge is needed to translate the research statement

August 13, 2011

In many cases automated domain-aware reading and writing is not enough for a satisfactory Research Assistant. A good Research Assistant often needs to apply additional domain knowledge to translate (expand) a “research request” into semantically equivalent and findable reading objectives (e.g. What do you mean by “similar” and what constitutes evidence that something is “similar”?).

Suppose you have a Statement in your Investigation like, “Candidate must have good communication skills.” You may want to translate that to, “#?# has good communication skills.” This allows for multiple unknown ways of saying “candidate”. What about the multiple ways to indicate “good communication skills”?

Evidence of having “good communication skills” could include: “gave presentation”, “brokered agreement”, “published paper”, or anything that implies the presence of something within the domain (topic) of the research. You may want to expand your investigation to include the statements that imply each investigation statement.

Note: We have built additional tools [not yet released] to support the automation of domain-aware expansion of investigation statements based on “Implication/Evidence Patterns”. Please contact us for more information.

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