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SIRA Technology begins external testing

August 12, 2011

We have begun client testing the SIRA Technology.

So far in all cases:
1.    The potential clients (evaluators) have an identified [critical] problem potentially addressed by the SIRA Technology.
2.    The clients are domain experts capable of evaluating the results in terms of accuracy in their domain of knowledge.
3.    The quality/usefulness of the results remains the most important aspect of testing.
4.    Trigent resources work with the client to resolve issues affecting the quality of the results.
5.    The evaluation has some level of stakeholder interest.

Once the SIRA Technology is shown to be adequate, next steps will be evaluated.

If you wish to participate in evaluating the SIRA Technology, you will need to:
1.    Identify an important problem to address
2.    Identify how the SIRA Technology contributes to the solution to your problem
3.    Provide committed involvement with domain experts
4.    Verify Stakeholder interest

In addition to introductory presentations and demos, we are available to present to stakeholders, experts and management. Please contact us to discuss your potential participation.

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